Alexandra was born and raised in Athens where she attended the Moraitis School. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Paris where she obtained a degree in architecture from the École Spéciale d’ Architecture and a master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Sorbonne (Sorbonne Paris IV). She has also acquired a degree in Interior Architecture - Diplôme d’ Architecture Intérieure - from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. 

Since graduating, she has worked in architectural firms both in Paris and in Athens and in 1990 she established her own office in Athens. She is affiliated with the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Her office oversees design, construction and development for all the projects it manages; it takes on the architectural study as well as lighting and application studies and the supervision of construction sites for both exterior and interior spaces. She collaborates with scientists, technicians and craftsmen from all areas of expertise and her team is formulated each time according to the needs of the project.

Her work is composed by abodes, offices, stores as well as yachts and she has undertaken projects in Greece, Europe and the United States. Emphasis is given to the refurbishment and renovation of big and small spaces, whether houses, offices or stores, and to the restoration of buildings.

Her style has been characterized as “combining flawless functionality with elegance” and is “distinguished by impeccable aesthetics and a sense of absolute balance.”

The element of Light, whether natural or artificial, has always played a fundamental role in her work and the excellent use that she makes of it allows for the achievement of outstanding aesthetic effects, while fully embracing its practical aspect.

Her designs and innovative ideas adapt to the clients' needs, the quality and size of the space, its functions and aesthetics, the surrounding environment; all those features are in turn incorporated into her design, and employed in order to produce the best possible outcome.

Her work has been published in architecture and design magazines.


LIVING magazine : “Alexandra uses in an exceptional way spaces and furniture, materials and colours, functionality and aesthetics, achieving magnificent quality to offer it, in turn, to the users and guests of the space.”

OFFICE magazine : “The choice of furniture, the excellent usage of materials, the colour combinations, the structures, the lighting, they all harmoniously co-exist to create a modern, pleasant and friendly environment which expresses with felicity the concepts of eminence and consistency.”

LIVING magazine : “Her work, although it varies in its totality, presents a distinctive personal style which is revealed more in the qualitative selections and less in the repetition of typical elements.”